Frequently asked questions

Our wines are made solely with the fruits we mention on the bottles. If it says bananas, it’s all bananas. To get the right flavour and alcohol content, we also add a bit of water and sugar.

Because we work with fruit surplus, we often receive overripe fruits. Due to health and safety, we are required to minimise contamination and prevent any pathogens from growing in the wine. Therefore, we add sulphites in the beginning of the winemaking process to get rid of any unfavourable bacteria or fungi. The sulphites become inactive after 24 hours, and then we add the yeast and start the fermentation. This is the only time we add sulphites, and we only add the minimum that’s required in order to prevent unnecessary sulphites in the wine for you.

Indeed it is! We do not add any crazy fishy clearing agents, and no raccoons were harmed in the process of making Two Raccoons (they just got a bit drunk).

We do not add any clearing agents throughout the process, so everything you drink is the work of the yeast and the fruits. We bottle the wine young to preserve all the fruity flavours that usually disappear during ageing, making it a tad more cloudy than those supermarket wines. We like it cloudy, though.

Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone!

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